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Last night’s dream, recalled with plenty of spelling mistakes. 


i thought i had a crush!! but it turned out to just be a 2 day long infatuation where i was actually just bored

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Anna Valdez

The students’ union at UMASS Amherst. Photograph taken a couple of years ago when I studied there and used to work at the desks and appreciate the salmon pink-ness.

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hey, bubs! our august issue is currently in the works and like we do in every issue, we have a segment/column/whatever u call it called  "COOL GIRLS DOING COOL THINGS" where we basically highlight and talk about our fave girls of colour who are doing rad things or making rad things. so tell us about ur favourite up and coming or unknown artist, writers, illustrators, musician, photographers, designers, whatevah so we can show them off in our august issue.

if u want to know what the hell we are talking about, check out our previous “COOL GIRLS DOING COOL THINGS” segment.

okay that’s all i hope you all have a great day/week/etc.

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